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How Much Can Our Hearts Take?


A mother and son collaboration for peace

Wakes up the mind, opens the heart and moves the spirit



How Much Can Our Hearts Take

CD Baby" One of the greatest peace songs of any time..." -- Don McCarthy,

"Deep and powerful, needs to get out …" -- Linda Hibbs - People for Peace


"Most moving song I've heard in 30 years …"  -- Leslie LaKind - Tikkun


"Amazing, powerful, important …"   -- Gunter Pauli - ZERI International


"Play this song now …"  --  David Cooper - Rocky Mountain Youth Corps



International singer/songwriter Consuelo Luz and her son, hip hop artist Max Paz, join together on this cross-generational musical journey through awareness of the costs of war and our present system to an embracing of the whole world.



I heard the track "How Much Can Our Hearts Take" on the Johny Walker show on BBs Radio 2 and was knocked out by it. I bought the album straight away. The whole CD  (Missing Water) has varying styles but is without a doubt my album of the year. Well done Consuelo for giving me many hours of listening pleasure." --  Graham Muddeman, CD  Baby review

How Much Can Our Hearts Take? - Consuelo Luz
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