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Visionary heart music for our indigenous souls
Nueva Luna is a passionate multicultural fusion of Latin World Indie with some Pop and Folk-inspired original songs and an uplifting and inspiring message for our times.


"These songs represent my multi-cultural journey – there are thirteen languages in this album! – The  many different cultures included and the theme of connectedness reflect the Indigenous wisdom which affirms that we are all connected to each other and to the Earth in magical, mysterious ways we can’t even imagine and that it is time to re-enter this ancient consciousness so that we may create a new story for ourselves on this planet, a story of redemption and how to walk in love and beauty through this life."

Consuelo's Latin Indie musical style is a result of her South American upbringing which included classical piano, Latin rhythms, Peruvian and Chilean indigenous folk music and poetry and American pop and folk music, including the 6Os protest songs which drifted down to the Latin south. 


Influenced by the soaring romantic baladas and boleros of Mexico, Central and South America, Nueva Luna's sensual saxophone, virtuoso melodic  flamenco-style guitar and Consuelo's passionate multilayered vocals float on lush keyboard soundscapes grounded by percussion that varies from rock-style drumming to Latin and native rhythms.


With some of New Mexico’s finest musicians playing on the album and with Kevin Zoernig's imaginative arrangements and Bill Palmer's masterful engineering this record is a rich, inspiring, unique creation, fusing cultures and singing our connection from primal Earth to the unknowable stars.  Musicians include  Kevin Zoernig, keyboards; Joaquin Gallegos, flamenco guitar; Justin Bransford, bass; Paul Feathericci, drums; Brett Davis, guitar; Camilo Quiñones, percussion; Manny Ramirez, saxophone; Nelson Denman & Lisa Stuart, cello.

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