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  • Expressing the body's soundprint with intuitive vocals 

  • Vocalizing memories, thought patterns, emotions

  • Clearing stuck patterns and blockages

  • Releasing limiting identities/stories

  • Opening channels to express authentic self 

  • Remembering root soul songs

  • Awakening to the power of our bio-mystic sounds 

  • Manifesting musical languages of ancient and future light

  • Activating a balanced chakra system

  • Freeing the voice from inhibiting words and intellect

  • Singing wordless, liberated frequencies

  • Finding our star tongue

  • Sounding to honor and awaken the True Self

  • Sounding to allow love


  Consuelo Luz, Vocal Alchemist:


"By wordless vocalizing of trapped memories, emotions, thoughts and stuck patterns we release blockages and free the voice to sing liberated frequencies, express the unknowable, evolve our dreams and identities and awaken our dormant selves."






"Consuelo, your presence and ability to heal is wondrous, it's amazing, generous, full, rich, lovely, giving. I am blessed to have experienced your kindness and magical healing powers."   


             - Diane Engelman, PhD

               Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

               Marin and Sonoma Counties, CA



"You healed so much of me that I did not know was broken. You have an undeniable gift of discernment. Of insight. Of vision."

        - Heather Armstrong, Salt Lake City, Utah


" You very well may have unlocked the key to my destiny."

         - Erin Hawkins, Washington DC


"I feel so blessed to have received the medicine you have to offer.  I released and opened in a new way and am forever grateful."

         - Casey Erin Wood, MacTier, Ontario, Canada


"You picked up on the very energy and healing my heart was

hoping for."

         - Shelley Roberts,  Bothell, WA


“The peace I felt after your session could only have been possible

  as a result of you realigning my body, mind and spirit thru sound.

  Thank you." 

              – C. S.

Balance With Nature Chakra Healing

Consuelo offers private and group sessions, enlisting the Tree of Life and the Chakras as a template for exploring and envisioning a fuller expression of one’s life path. She also uses vocal alchemy to journey through the body, receive its sounds, balance and activate the energy centers and stir up and release blockages to awaken the true and healthy self. 

As a certified Reiki Master Consuelo also incorporates Reiki into her sessions. 

From the nourishing holy vibration of a grain of corn

to the exalting ethereal pulse of the heavens


From the eclectic noises of daily life

to the earthly words and miraculous music we sing to each other


Sound calls us at this time


         to remember              



         And voice the radiant dialect of the heart.

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