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"... Luminary talent ... global vision ..."

-- New Age Voice

"...Luz is a poet with a passionate pen.”



“….the multicolored, mountainous landscape that is her voice….”



“…her inflections and emotions give so much that she could be singing a recipe for soup and

we would want to turn it up, but the poetry in her lyrics, instead, sways our feelings in all directions….”

-- Brandt Legg, Tempo Magazine



"... Outstanding ..."

-- Kutay Derin Kugay, KPFA, San Francisco

"... A shining star in the firmament of Sephardic Music ..."

-- David Steinberg, Arts Editor, Albuquerque Journal

"Consuelo's voice captures the reverent, often mystical elements of Sephardic songs, Spanish ballads, Middle Eastern rhythms and flamenco...infusing her renditions with contemporary beats ..."

-- Sarah Meadows, The Santa Fe Reporter

"... Buy "Tulku" just to hear Consuelo Luz ..."

-- Creation Magazine
"... Luz's voice is smoky and sultry, closer to Sade, Anita Baker, or her fellow Cuban, Celia Cruz..."
"Luz's vocals are breathy, earthy, and altogether sophisticated.  The music itself is stunningly played, evoking both tricky Latin rhythms and insinuating Arabic overtones, ending up somewhere near the Portuguese fado style."
-- Paul Wieder, JUF News, Chicago
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