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Tearing Down - Consulo Luz
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We Mystified Children - Consuelo Luz
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I Want to Love You - Consuelo Luz
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Missing Water


Indie pop folk rock poetry with a deep message and a Latin edge.

Soaring vocals and harmonies, watery guitars, sweet flowing cello, violin and piano.





".....without a doubt my album of the year....."

                                 --  Graham Muddeman, CD  Baby review



“MISSING WATER… an incredible album filled with questions, protests, answers and love… Luz is a poet with a passionate pen.”


“….the multicolored, mountainous landscape that is her voice….”


“…her inflections and emotions give so much that she could be singing a recipe for soup and  we would want to turn it up, but the poetry in her lyrics, instead, sways our feelings in all directions….”


 “Although…the powerful song.. "How Much Can Our Hearts Take?"…the centerpiece of the release, steals most of the attention, there are 10 other songs that should not be ignored, that, in fact, cannot be forgotten once you hear them.”

               -Brandt Legg, The Hum column 



Consuelo's album of original songs, "Missing Water", is a call to find the spiritual waters that

are missing from life on planet Earth, to dream the missing water and, finally, to help each other jump into the heaven of these waters. As the H2O water of the planet also becomes a rapidly depleting resource, in order to quench our thirst, both physical and spiritual, we are being called to summon our strongest courage, our greatest creativity but, most important, our deepest love and compassion.


                -Tempo, The Arts and Entertainment Magazine of The Taos News


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