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America, America, our land of liberty
To fight for equal justice is our responsibility
America, America, God grant you lasting peace
And help us to remember our true humanity

Your purple mountain majesties, your jungles and your plains
The basis of your greatness, your bounty and your fame
America, respect and care must take the place of greed
If we rape you and contaminate you there'll be no prosperity

Oh beautiful America, beneath this sky of blue
From Mexico, to Canada from Cuba to Peru
America, America, we should remember well
Our brothers to the south are Americans as well
Tambien son America, tambien son
(They are also America, they also are…)

America, America, tierra de libertad
(America , America, land of liberty)
Belleza esplendorosa, paises de oportunidad
(Splendorous beauty, countries of opportunity)
America, America, Dios nos l'ayude a cuidar
(America, America, God help us to take care of you)
Y que no nos olvidemos del resto de la humanidad
(And let us not forget the rest of humanity)

America, in our hands we hold your destiny
Let us recreate America in love and community



With the acknowledgement that all of us, from North America, South America and Central America, are all "Americans" perhaps we can work towards a more unified vision of the Americas, one of justice for all and a common mission to protect our precious environment that we share. 

For this purpose Roberto Mondragón and myself in 1991 wrote new lyrics for the well-known song "America the Beautiful", not to dismiss the original lyrics, but to build on them, towards a higher vision of our shared humanity and common purpose. 

Joining us is Daniel Gurule's 1992 6th grade class at Kaune Elementary School, Santa Fe, NM. This project was made possible by a grant from the New Mexico Quincentenary Commission, and through the support of the Self Reliance Foundation, the Hispanic Radio Network and Aspectos Culturales, Inc. 

(The original words to "America the Beautiful" were written by Katherine Lee Bates in 1893 on Pike's Peak, Colorado) 



Glass Earth in leaf
Earth Water Altar
Cantoalagua ceremony.jpg
Children laughing
acequia sun dream
Sacred Water Bowl
TksgvSanFran08 061
TksgvSanFran08 082
People holding hands
W21 smile
Sound Healing Conf 063
March Against Monsanto
Monsanto Let me Bee
Fallen Apples
Peace Flag
Children jumping on beach
TorC Workshop
Guatemala 342
Water Day Ceremony
End of Ceremony
Cherry Blossom
Exit Poll
Community meeting
Ray of Light

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Spanish Version:   RealAudio   MP3 


América, América, tierra de libertad
Luchar por la justicia es nuestra responsabilidad
América América, Dios te lleve a la paz
Y que no nos olvidemos de la verdadera hermandad 

Montañas majestuosas, la selva y el frutal
Base de tu grandeza, naturaleza sin igual
América, América, tu cuerpo hay que respetar
Violado y contaminado no habrá prosperidad 

Hermosa es América bajo este cielo azul
Desde esta Norte a la Central y América del Sur
América América nunca hay que olvidar
Nuestros hermanos hacia el sur también son América 

América, América, tierra de libertad
Belleza esplendorosa, paises de oportunidad
América, América Dios nos l'ayude a cuidar
Y que no nos olvidemos del resto de la humanidad 

América, en nuestras manos tu destino está
Nuevamente te creamos en corazón y comunidad

   New lyrics by Consuelo Luz and Roberto Mondragón
   Music by Samuel Ward 


To keep well-informed these days and for guidance as to where we want to get involved, we need to check out a variety of news sources.  The mainstream media is saturated with the establishment world view, censored and limited to protect the status quo. Here are some of the places you can go for alternative and more deeply researched and objective reporting and analysis.  (The Ring of Fire Network)                        



Before you donate to charities or non-profits check this site: and make sure your dollars are being well spent and not going to proportionally too large CEO salaries or for-profit fundraisers

Also, you can see which are the best performing and most efficiently run organizations.  Here are links to some of them:

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Get involved, get informed!

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