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Los Bilbilicos - Consuelo Luz
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A Ti Mi Dio Mi Dezeo - Consuelo Luz
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Adir Venaor - Consuelo Luz
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A passionate marriage of Jewish and Latin soul, Dezeo brings ancient Sephardic songs sung in Ladino and Hebrew to new,  rapturous life in a fusion of  Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Flamenco and contemporary styles.

"...a five star CD!"


"The vocals on this CD are haunting. The music penetrates your soul from the first note to the final one. The sax digs into your heart. The music sings in your head long after the CD is over. Tears come to your eyes because it is so beautiful. You will want to dance as you listen.....

- CD Baby reviews


"... bringing a perfect union of the Golden Age of Spain to the modern day world ... inspires the soul of Judaism ...",

- Levi Ben Macario, Mi Seferino


Consuelo’s critically acclaimed Sephardic album DEZEO, (the Ladino word for desire - the yearning for God and for human love) co-produced by Grammy-winning producer Jim Wilson and with Ray Obiedo and Jeff Silberman of the Bay Area, is a World Music style compilation of ancient Sephardic prayers and love ballads.


These ancient Ladino songs represent the traditional soul music of the Sephardim (the Jews of Spain). Forced to flee the torture, death and persecution of the Spanish Inquisition in the 15th century, the Sephardim found new homes in other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries where they were able to preserve their Ladino language and culture and find expression in these haunting spiritual songs and romantic ballads.


"I love all of it. I saved Ki Mitzion for my pledge drive program ... I think the song is extraordinary ... Thank you for this wonderful album! It is clearly a spiritual statement and an act of love."

-Carol Greenspan, KOPN, Columbia, MO


"A great recording ... it will certainly get airplay ..."

-David Weide, KUNV, Las Vegas
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