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Mar de Leche - Consuelo Luz
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Adio - Consuelo Luz
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A mystical World Music fusion of East and West: Passionate vocals, Gypsy Flamenco guitars, Israeli oud, Aztec flutes and haunting soundscape textures.



"Consuelo is amazing. The voice of an angel!" 

                                                          --   DJ WSIA 88.9fm, Rockin' Rebbetzin


In ADIO, Consuelo’s second album of Sephardic music, ancient Judeo/Spanish Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Sephardic prayers and ballads are again imbued with the mystical passion of their roots, while contemporary musical elements bring these Ladino songs into the present. The addition of South American indigenous influence in the form of native flutes celebrates Consuelo's own indigenous ancestry and reflects the growing movement of Mestizo/Sephardic Hispanics rediscovering their Crypto-Jewish history.


Inspired flamenco guitars by master Gypsy Flamenco artist Chuscales and Santa Fe's virtuoso Joaquin Gallegos, and powerful harmonies that evoke gypsy choruses bring in the soul of Spain while famed Israeli musician, Yair Dalal, and Naser Musa, a Jordanian of Palestinian descent, contribute a Middle Eastern feel with their stunning violin and oud improvisations, while master Aztec flute player Mazatl Galindo introduces a sweet and haunting indigenous sound, representing the Sephardic journey to the New World. Co-producer Tim Stroh mixes in bass player Justin Bransford, keyboardist Kevin Zoernig, percussionists Mark Clark and Polly Tapia Ferber, soundscape designer Jim Wilson and galactic cellist Michael Kott to complete this multi-textured musical tapestry.


Besides Consuelo's creative adaptations of the old melodies, she contributes new lyrics and two original songs to this album. In one of them, "Kabbalah: Torah", she adapts text from the Zohar, the ancient Kabbalistic writings from Medieval Spain, with musical composition contributions from Jim Wilson and Chuscales.

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